Carbonates, borates and sulfates

Floor map of the Mineralogy Museum

In this room, visitors can find a variety of minerals, gem crystals (such as the Red Sea Peridot), and gemstones (such as rubys, emeralds, and amethysts originally from the French Crown Jewels).



(Display case L29, sample #16767, from Touissit, Oujda-Angad, Morocco).


Chessy Azurite

(Display case K37, sample #2435, from Chessy, Rhône, France)



(Display case K38, sample #2459)



(Display case L29, sample #5766, from Mowbray Mine, Ennerdal, Cumbria, England)



(Display case K39, sample #74126, from Warsak, Pashawar, Pakistan)



(Display case L26, sample #16108, from Boron, Kern Co., California, USA)


Peridot: fayalite 

(Display case L2, sample #6352, from Zebirguet Island, Red Sea, Egypt) 


Carbonate, borate and sulfate - MINES ParisTech

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