Room I

Sulfides, halides and oxides

Floor map of the Mineralogy Museum

Boleite and cumengeite

(Display case I38, samples #775 and #778)




Weardale fluorite

(Display case  I37, sample #740, from Weardale, Cumbria, England)


Pink Alpine fluorite

(Display case I37, sample #728, from Massif du Mont-Blanc, Haute-Savoie, France)



Wieliczka Halite 

(Display case I7, sample #1613, Wieliczka, Malopolskie, Poland)


Halite with petroleum

(Display case I35, sample #696 from Starnnia, Poland)


Blue halite

(Display case I35, sample #692 from Wintershall, Heringen, Rottenburg, Germany)


"Dauphinois" Quartz

(Display case J31, sample #1082 from Isère, France)


Quartz "Herkimer diamond"

(Display case  J31, sample #1068, from Herkimer Co., New York, USA)


Smokey Quartz

(Display case J32, sample #1107, from Tessin, Switzerland)


Quartz, La Gardette twin

(Display case J31, sample #1055 from Kai, Japan)


Corundum: Ceylan Sapphire

(Display case J28, sample #947, from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka -"Ceylan")


Corundum: Ural Sapphire

(Display case J28, sample #936, from Kyshtym, Cheljabinskaia, Fédération de Russie)







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