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From June 4 to September 28, 2019: Exhibition "METEORITES - GIFTS FROM THE SKY AND FROM MANKIND"

The "METEORITES - GIFTS FROM THE SKY AND FROM MANKIND" exhibition brings together exceptional meteorites: fragments of Lunar and Martian meteorites, pallasites, siderites, chondrites ... They all come from the MINES ParisTech Mineralogy Museum collection. These gifts from the sky are also gifts of people who have distinguished themselves in the discovery, the study of celestial objects fallen on Earth. "METEORITES - GIFTS FROM THE SKY AND FROM MANKIND" is a great opportunity for the Museum to thank and honor these important donors. The exhibition is presented in two temporary display cases, completing the permanent exhibition of over 50 meteorites in three show cases.

Discover more about the exhibit here:

From June 19, 2019: NEW LIGHTS in the stystematic collection and TWO NEW DISPLAYS

Over the last few years, the museum has been in constant renewal in order to improve the experience of its visitors. After three months of work (during which the museum remained open), thanks to the intervention of carpenters, electricians, the systematic collection is eventually lit! 138 horizontal display cases of the systematic collection presenting nearly 3000 minerals were renovated. All of this work was done in the greatest respect of the decor and furniture of the mid-nineteenth century. This large improvement was made possible thanks to the financial support of the "Fondation MINES ParisTech".

Also, after the creation in 2016 of the showcases presenting some gems from the French Crown Jewels, a new display dedicated to GEMS will be open. In addition, a new "CABINET DE CURIOSITES" opened within the main room of the Museum.

Discover or re-discover the mineral collection of the Museum: the light addition is changing everything, and the permanent collection has largely improved!


Mineralotech: a new free app available for download or available on site

With this new year, the Mineralogy Museum honors a project conducted by 5 students of MINES ParisTech: Jean-Baptiste Arber, Geoffrey Dufay, Vassily Derouette, Badis Marsit and Maxime Massa. The "Mineralotech" Android application developed by the students is both downloadable for free on Google Play Store and available at the Museum on recycled phones. It currently allows to introduce virtually the museum and to discover different ways to visit the museum, including a tour tracing "The minerals making our phones". The application will be enriched to propose new tours. The app is in French only... for now!


A permanent exhibit: gems from the French Crown Jewels

Special exhibit: "The gem collection from the French Crown Jewels of the Mineralogy Museum".

The Mineralogy Museum of the School of Mines dedicates three display cases to the gems from the French Crown Jewels, which entered the collection in 1887. This permanent exhibit will offer the public collections of emeralds, pink topazes and amethystes, along with their fascinating history. Learn more about this exhibit here!



Outside events

- April 5, 2019 until February 24, 2020 : Temporary exhibition "BACK FROM THE EAST" at the Museum of Nantes

Our museum loans some sapphire, turquoise, jade, peridot and replicas of famous diamonds, in order to help tracing precious products between Nantes and China ... and backn to the Museum of Natural History of Nantes (Britanny), which organizes a temporary exhibit untitled: "BACK FROM THE EAST - SILK, SPICES AND PRECIOUS STONES".  

"The exhibition proposes a mythical and sensory journey between Nantes and the East, and is taking place in Burma, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Egypt, on these roads where natural resources abound and have become rare and sought after goods: silk, spices of course, but also sapphires, diamonds and rubies ... Exceptional precious stones exhibited for the first time in Nantes, such as rubies and sapphires from the valley of the precious stones of Mogok (Burma), artworks and remarkable herbaria, silks and spices, presented in a universe rich in colors and scents, make us discover these natural resources at the origin of trade and cultural exchanges between East and West for more than 2000 years. "


Find all the information on this beautiful exhibition here.



Recent events


A new MINERALOGY GALLERY at the Museum of La Rochelle (France)

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Museum of La Rochelle opened a new Mineralogy Gallery. For this event, the Mineralogy Museum MINES ParisTech has 14 minerals on loan for the next few years.

One of the display cases of the new mineralogy gallery at the Museum of La Rochelle. Photo :  Mathieu Vouzelaud / MHNLR.




A group of students from Paris School of Mines MINES ParisTech are developping an app for guided tours of our museum. This app will be installed on recycled phones, which will then be provided to future visitors. Find all the information here.

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